What do we believe in?

We believe that everybody at heart want to live in a better place, even change something by themselves and follow their dreams! But there are a lot of obstacles on the way, that's why most of us give up our efforts and get used to the existing world. We believe that something can be done towards decreasing of these obstacles. And we believe that information transparency is one of the most crucial milestones.

What is

We were tired of losing interesting things happening right in front of us or hearing from our friends that for some strange reasons they also didn't know about it. We discovered that it is common for many people. That's why we started from scratch and now we are working on the idea to build a project where everybody can easily create or find any activity around him from evening football game in the neighbourhood to some interesting meeting, concert or trip.

What do we use?

According to our philosophy in the core of the project we use CloudMade maps built using collectively created and constantly updating data by © OpenStreetMap contributors under CC BY-SA license. The interactive maps are generated using the open-source library Leaflet.

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