It is the first version of FAQ. We tried to put attention on every point that may cause questions. We would appreciate any questions from you in order to improve this section. We didn't put a lot of attention to basic features of the most common things like profiles, friend lists, news feeds, settings and messages, because you already know what it is, we just described some differences that can be found on



How to register?

You can register using most popular services and social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google, LiveID. Also we put QQ for China and VK for Russia since they are market leaders in that regions.

Why don't we have our own registration?

Nowadays almost everybody has an account in one of the biggest projects on the Internet, that's why we believe that there is no need for you to remember additional login/password pair for our web-site. Since each project has special security tools for authorization you can use your favorite one and easily get an access to

Is it safe?

Yes. We don't have an access to your login/password pairs of these social networks since process of authorization is fully managed by themselves. We have access only to the information that you allow us to use. These tools were developed by social networks, not by us.

Why is it better to connect all your social networks with

There are several reasons. First of all, if you connect several accounts you will be able to find more of your friends on Secondly, you will be able to easily share interesting events and your activities with everybody through all networks. And finally some of the networks sometimes may have problems so you will not be able to login on if you are using just this network. You will always be able to connect with additional networks from settings page.


What you can do here

Here you can find or create any interesting activity or place around you in real time. If you don't know how to spend weekend or evening you can just search through the map and see what is available, message people, if needed, and have a nice time. If you don't find anything near your current place you can create an event and people will find you.


Types of pages

User profile

It is your personal profile.

Group profile

It is profile for teams of organizers of events, for people with common interests or for friends who would like to make private events and save memories forever. These profiles have several levels of administration, it will be described further. Group can be created by person.

Event profile

It is a basic unit of This is the profile of any distinguished activity: picnic, presentation, evening games, football match or celebrity's concert. Event can be created by person or by group. Also event is not a page just for one occasion. If you have a continuous event, for example you regularly play football in the yard, you can arrange new dates in the event profile, so the history of the event will be in one place and everybody will be aware of what you are doing while deciding to join you. You should remember that it's impossible to change the name of the event after the first date. Further you can change description, date and image.

Place profile

Since most of the events take place in some specific areas we decided to create this type of profiles. They are public and can be managed by everybody. Also you can use this profiles to create any worth to see place wherever you want. Place can be created by person.


Multi-language description

You can write the description of yourself, of your event, group or public place in as many languages as you wish. For this purpose use "+" on the language menu above any description. There you can add a language and than edit page on that language. We decided that it is far more useful than writing the same information in several languages just on one page. You also can choose any available language to read a description. By default we use the language that you have chosen for the web-site or English if your language is not available.



It is main page on It is specially designed for you to find every activity or place around you or everywhere else. Also we made some most important filters: event/place switcher, word search, date filter. You can use it if you want to search for something particular. You should be aware of the fact that there are no more than 40 events or places on the map at the time. We put only most popular events in the chosen area. In order to find out less popular events just Zoom In or use search filters.


How to create pages?

User profile

Right after authorization through any social network.

Event profile

You have several options:

  • from the map (in the event mode) by clicking on the special button on the right or clicking ones on the map in particular location where you want to create the event. You should use one of the last zoom modes
  • from group profile (if you allowed to do it according to group administration settings) by clicking on the button on the right side. This event will be managed by group
  • from group profile in the managing mode
  • from the place profile by clicking on the button on the right side. This event will be held in this particular place

Group profile

You can do it from the "groups" tab menu on your personal page.

Place profile

Now you have one option:

  • from the map (in the place mode) by clicking on the special button on the right or clicking ones on the map in particular location where you want to create the place. You should use one of the last zoom modes

Privacy on the pages

There are no complicated privacy system on right now. We made possible only to make private events. Private events can be made by group and will be visible for all approved members or by person and will be visible to all his friends. If you want to create special events not for all your friends just create a group for them and use it for the whole time to save all memories of your life with friends forever and in chronological order with photos, comments, people attending each event and so on. Private events are not visible on the map. We are working on the system that will allow you to see all available for you events on the map. But right now you can be invited personally or can receive notification about private event on the news feed.


How to arrange new date of the event?

For events that occur regularly we offer special function "arrange new date". You can use it in order to collect the whole history of event in one place. By default profile of the event is equal to the nearest future date of the event or the last one if there is no dates in the future. You have several options to arrange new date:

  • from managing mode of the event 
  • from the event profile by clicking on the button on the right side


How to manage pages?

Personal profile

You can use Settings in the top menu.

Other profiles

If you have rights to manage particular page you will have the "manage" button under the profile image.


Levels of administrators

Subscriber- this level allows you to receive news feed from the object (event, user, group, place). 

Unconfirmed member (only for groups) — this is a middle stage between subscriber and member. Any member can change subscriber to an unconfirmed member. After that you will wait for approval to be a real member. You still have rights of subscriber.

Participant, friend, member (not available at places) — this level gives you an access to private events if they exist. For groups you can suggest new members.

Moderator (events and groups) — this level allows you in addition: approve and exclude members, delete posts on the walls and photos in the albums.

Manager (events and groups) — this level allows you in addition: arrange and exclude moderators, create new events and dates, write news, change information.

Administrator (events and groups) — this level allows you in addition: arrange and fire managers, change main information.


How to find friends from social networks

You can easily find them in the corresponding item in the "friends" tab menu on your personal profile.



You can not add photos to your own albums. is all about events and any kind of activities, so we are really interested in your photos from events and places. Your "photo" tab is an aggregation of photos from places and events on which you were added. You can easily add photos to places and events where you have been in an album of a place or of a date of the event. Group "photo" tab is an aggregation of photo albums from events created by group.



If you have any questions and can't find answer here you can write us an e-mail on