Terms of use


This is the first version of Terms of Use. It will be updated in collaboration with layers some day in the future. Everybody will receive notification about last version of this Terms. We are not going to make a list of all illegal activities, but in general users are not allowed to do something that anybody will prove illegal. We will make a full list of activities that can be considered as illegal if you are doing it on Zest.to as soon as possible.

Short list of rules:

Especially we would like to highlight some points right now:

  • Promotion of illegal activities and places on the territory where you arrange an event.
  • Use spamming technologies.
  • Use Zest.to in any way except designed functionality of the web-site.
  • Make advertising.
  • Post threats to other person and say anything that may be considered as offensive behavior.
  • Promote any kind of fraudulent events and activities.

We would like to specially mention that all places (see Help) are publicly managed and we will not give exclusive rights to owners of these places.