Privacy policy

We constantly update Privacy Policy according to the appearance of new features on About each update we will announce by writing (Updated) near the link in the bottom menu.

Your data

What we use:

  • Information from social networks you are using if available: login, full name, profile image, date of birth, gender, e-mail
  • If something is missing we ask you to fill this information
  • You may fill information about you and your favorite activities
  • You may enter you phone number in order to be sure that you will have an access to your account even if all social networks are unavailable at the moment
  • We use your friend list from social networks in order to show your friends on if they use it
  • We ask you to choose your current location
  • We collect all information about your actions on including initial data from registration process and treat it as non-Personal information

How we use:

  • For our internal purposes and in aggregated form of statistics in order to improve our service
  • We don't show to anybody your e-mail, phone number and pages in social networks
  • We show all required information to put you on the list of group members, event participants, place visitors and friend lists
  • We show your name, profile image, date of birth, gender and address if available on your personal page that any user of can see
  • We use some your actions on in order to generate automatic news in your friends' news feed: participation in events, visits to places, creation of your personal event


We kindly ask you to enter your e-mail in order to be able to get an access in cases of emergency: problems with social networks or problems with your accounts on social networks. If you provided us an e-mail we will send you detailed instructions how to get an access to your account on We don't show your e-mail to anybody. We can use your e-mail in order to send some notifications and news from your friends, events and itself. You can adjust notification settings after registration.


Data from social networks

Different social networks provide different information, but we use not more than: profile link, e-mail, full name, profile image, date of birth, gender, friend list. We don't show your link and e-mail to anybody, we use it only for authorization process.


How we use your social networks after registration

We use your social network account only in two ways:

  • Refresh your friend list to find your new friends from social networks on if they registered here before you added them on social network
  • To post information on your wall about your activities. We don't do it without your permission. We post following information: events that you created, events that you are going to visit, places that you visited and once the fact that you registered on

Further we will allow you to synchronize your news from profile, event or group with your social network profiles or pages.



We use Cookies to save some important information from our point of view except any your personal information.


External resources : maps and analytics

Sometimes you can be redirected to several external sources and they may get some information about your browser, computer or any other kind of activities according to their rules:

  • In order to provide you map service we use maps by CloudMade and JavaScript library by Leaflet.
  • In order to improve our service we use analytical tools by Yandex, publicly traded company on NASDAQ, since it is more advanced than Google analytics and also free.
  • We allow you to put any external links in the descriptions and insert YouTube videos into messages and comments, but they can't get any information from you until you click on the link


Event privacy

According to our current structure we offer two types of events:

  • Public events: they can be created by person or by group and are visible for everybody including non-users of They are visible on the map.
  • Private events: they can be created by person and by group and are visible only to friends of the user or to members of the group. They are not shown on the map in any case. You will receive notification in the news feed if you have rights to see this type of event. Also only users who have rights will see this type of events in any lists on and these events will be marked with the lock.


Your privacy

Unfortunately, we don't have yet any sophisticated privacy system, but we are working on it. Any information from your profile (except e-mail, social profile, telephone number and actions related to private events) will be visible to any user. This information includes your personal profile, public events that you are attending, your groups and places you visited, and also all comments in public pages including your own profile. But the only one thing that we will not do: private events for a limited number of people. We think that it is far more better to create a group for several friends and make private events inside, so you will be able to save history and get an access to it in any time. You will not have to look through tons of links and pages, all your comments, events, photos, participation history and so on will be in one place.



We storage the whole history of your mail, but don't use, read or analyze it and don't show it to anybody.


Third person

We do not provide any private data to third person as long as we have legal rights not to do it.


Aggregative usage of users statistics

We use our own tools and Yandex tools in order to analyze users' activity on and improve our service. We don't use any information from particular person, we use it only as statistical tool.



Your information is as secured as in all social networks you use. The only way to lose your information is to lose your social network password. We can't guarantee absence of any unauthorized and illegal entry on, but we do our best to prevent from external attacks. Also in cases of emergency like hardware failure we will probably have problems, although we make backups every day, so you can't lose more than 1 day information in case of both hard drive failure. If you are going to click on external links from you should be aware that our Privacy Policy is not working there and we can't secure all you information there, so read first their privacy policy.