Zenit Arena (or Gazprom Arena) (unofficial names) (Russian: Зенит Арена или Газпром Арена) is a stadium in Saint Petersburg, which is currently under construction.[2] It will host the home matches of FC Zenit Saint Petersburg. The stadium was planned to be completed by December 2008,[3] which was changed to late 2011.[4] It is now proposed that the stadium will open in 2015.[5] The stadium will have a capacity of 69,501 people.[6]

The name of the future stadium has not been decided yet. At this moment its official name is Footbolniy stadion v zapadnoy chasti Krestovskogo ostrova "Football stadium in the western part of Krestovsky Island", and is commonly referred to in English as the New Zenit Stadium.

The competition between architectural project was won by Kisho Kurokawa's "The Spaceship". The design of the stadium is a modified and enlarged version of Toyota Stadium in Toyota City, Japan, which was also designed by Kurokawa. The stadium is being built on the location where the former Kirov Stadium used to stand before it was demolished.

In January 2009 the The St. Petersburg Times reported that the project was now to be funded by the city government of St Petersburg, with Gazprom switching to build a separate skyscraper project. City Hall had to step in after Gazprom declined to invest any further money into the stadium's construction.

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