One of the strangest monuments is a huge stainless fork, which, thanks to the efforts of the corporation Nestle, was stuck at the bottom of Lake Geneva. This sculpture, created in 1995 and is located opposite the Museum Alimentarium food and the headquarters of Nestle (Switzerland, Vevey), called the "Monument to the food."

Sculpture strikes your location: 8-foot stainless steel fork stuck right in the bottom of Lake Geneva. It serves as a reference point - in front of her on the beach, is the Museum of Food "Alimentarium." It was in honor of the 10th anniversary of the museum that fork appeared in the lake. Then it was there only a year, but for this, it would seem, a lot of time, the local people have not been able to fall in love monument - permission to remain in the Lake Fork was not renewed. She had to leave Geneva water for more than 10 years! In 2008, local authorities have changed their minds and returned fork in its place ...

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